Melanie Hendrix

My sole purpose is assisting others in finding and following their inner voice. A voice guiding them towards joy and fulfillment; away from the conflict in their lives.

Jan 032013

When we take our focus off the mind and its fear based conditioning, we can tune into the higher intelligence of our heart. Every heart has a voice. It is in stillness we hear our deepest truth, feel our own goodness, and wake up to the beauty and magic in our lives. Awakening the heart is a process that connects us with everyone around us, and dissolves the barriers to real communication. When we speak from what we feel inside and let ourselves be felt, our presence in the world becomes magnetic. We come into alignment with our deepest desires. My passion as a coach is to guide those who are ready to follow the voice of their heart, and tap into the power, passion and joy they deserve. Continue reading »