Jan 032013

When we take our focus off the mind and its fear based conditioning, we can tune into the higher intelligence of our heart. Every heart has a voice. It is in stillness we hear our deepest truth, feel our own goodness, and wake up to the beauty and magic in our lives. Awakening the heart is a process that connects us with everyone around us, and dissolves the barriers to real communication. When we speak from what we feel inside and let ourselves be felt, our presence in the world becomes magnetic. We come into alignment with our deepest desires. My passion as a coach is to guide those who are ready to follow the voice of their heart, and tap into the power, passion and joy they deserve.

I found it challenging to do this by myself. I was fortunate enough to have some amazing mentors and coaches come into my life and guide me into awakening my heart. I found a place where people accepted me the way I showed up. They celebrated me because I was being real and authentic. I did not know how to celebrate myself, and being with people who wanted to see the real me allowed my authenticity to come out of hiding. I had suppressed a lot of emotion that was so overwhelming; I felt like I would drown if I let it out. The tension it took to keep that emotion down robbed me of vitality and joy. Once I allowed myself to be seen and heard, I felt the light inside. All I needed was a little crack in the armor to shine.

I was bullied as a child, and taught myself to be invisible. The only attention I received was cruel harassment and taunting ridicule. One day I had a lot of friends and the next day I didn’t. I thought I had to be small and alone to be safe. I decided it meant there was something wrong with me, and based my identity on that story. I pushed down the pain and sadness and with it I pushed down my power. I lived in my head to get away from what I felt emotionally and lost touch with my heart.

When I felt unhappiness I would go up in my head to figure out why. I believed if I could just find the answer to what was wrong with me, I could fix it. I lived in a world of anxious spinning thoughts, worry about the future, and regret about the past. Very little of my focus was in the here and now moment. I woke up and realized I felt flat and numb. I looked at my reasons for numbing out and decided to do something about it.

I transformed my life by tuning into the voice of my heart. I listened to that voice of courage and power, instead of the voice of fear and self- doubt. I changed from a life of playing small and safe (which kept me stuck) to embracing an energy that propels me forward. I have touched so much joy and vitality inside that I absolutely cannot go back to being small again. I engage with life authentically, stepping up to who I can be and tapping into my potential. I want to help you connect with that voice of inspiration inside of you, the one that says there’s more to life than struggle. You deserve a life of joy, passion and fulfillment.

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